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Free GTA SA-like mobile game

Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft is an action mobile game created by GameSource. In this free game, you will live the dangerous and intriguing life of a gangster. You will explore an open world and fight your way to complete bully missions.

As the name suggests, Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft is patterned after the popular gangster franchise Grand Theft Auto. It follows the wake of the popular series, plunging you into the spiral of violence and crime. However, this video game allows you to interact with your environment. If only the controls were smooth and precise.

Enter the life of crime

When it comes to action games, Grand Theft Auto is arguably one of the best. The franchise amassed so much popularity that it not only spawned a lot of iterations and spin-off titles. A lot of developers followed its lead and patterned a game from it. Among these titles is Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft. As it says on the tin, this one is a GTA-like game.

Here, you will play a gangster plunged into a life of violence and crime. You will complete missions, which often involve beating up enemies using various weapons. Like other GTA titles, it also plays like a car driving simulator, allowing you to explore an open world aboard different cars. You can perform various car stunts. Even better, some missions will have you operate a helicopter.

What makes this game different from other free gangster games is that it allows you to interact with your environment. You can beat up passengers, steal vehicles, and even vandalize with total freedom. However, players will be frustrated with the control as it is often imprecise. The graphics and sounds are also subpar compared to the Rockstar games. Worse, the app is prone to lagging.

A subpar GTA wanna-be

If you are looking for a mobile GTA-like game you can play, then Grand Gangster Miami City Auto Theft is worth checking out. It has a similar premise as the popular franchise and even comes with similar features. However, it will not provide the same experience as GTA. The graphics are not as good, and the controls are a little problematic. Overall, it is a watered-down GTA version.


  • Familiar GTA-like premise
  • Car driving simulation and shooting gameplay
  • Open-world map
  • Can interact with environment


  • Imprecise control
  • Subpar graphics and sounds
  • Prone to lagging
  • Repetitive missions

Program available in other languages

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